Alpha Marked Complete Series (Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance Books 1-6)


All 6 Alpha Marked books in one volume!

Thirty and single? Well, getcha butt to the Gathering!

Scarlet – As a woman Marked to be the mate of an Alpha pair, she’s not going to find happiness anywhere other than in the arms of two Alpha werewolves. So, off she goes to the Gathering, with her sisters in tow, for some werewolf speed dating.

Gabriella – Having a Mark on her arm means that Gabriella’s one of the few human women destined to mate with not one, but two Alpha werewolves. Thank goodness werewolves don’t come in “ugly.”

Whitney – Whitney Wickham is at the darned annual werewolf Gathering all right. Only there’s one problem: she doesn’t have a scar and that’s sorta necessary to mate an Alpha Pair. Unfortunately the gorgeous, drool worthy, magic-mojo-wielding Wardens don’t know why she’s been summoned to the Gathering any more than she does.

Rebecca – Rebecca Twynham hates nature, loves a juicy steak, is not Marked, and thinks wolves come in one form: on four feet and with fur. So when she’s hauled to the annual werewolf Gathering by this scary as hell magical vortex, she’s pretty surprised to find out werewolves are real. Plus, she really wants to climb the gorgeous Alpha Pair, Aidan and Carson, like a tree.

Lorelei – At least Lorelei was kidnapped while she was at the gun range. Go Pink Pistol of Doom! So, they stole her, she stole a cell phone in return, and all is crazy in her new werewolf-laced world. It gets even crazier when, 1—she discovers her sisters have been kidnapped, too, and 2—werewolves are sexy as all get out. Lorelei is determined to come to her sisters’ rescue and well, see what Dylan and Zeke have to offer.

Paisley – Paisley Twynham is over the whole werewolf thing. She’s been kidnapped twice, had the crap beat out of her, managed to escape (twice), and then met two men who are supposed to be her mates. Yup, all kinds of “over” the Gathering.

If you already own Scarlet, Gabriella, Whitney, Rebecca, Lorelei and Paisley DO NOT purchase this book. There is NO new content in this boxed set.


Against All Odds by Elizabeth Knox & Erin Trejo

Against All Odds (Full Throttle #1)with Erin Trejo


My father shocked not only me, but everyone around him when he announced his retirement. He isn’t just any man – he’s Jorge Vernon and Miami bows down to him. In most cases, his role would pass down to his son, however he doesn’t have any, and that leaves only one heir – me.
He knows how much this city means to me, it fuels my fire and the people here matter to me more than anything.
There’s a catch though, he isn’t just handing me keys to the city. I have to rule alongside one of two men that my father has hand chosen for me. Oh, and they’re brothers.
But what happens when enemies rise from the unknown. When people that you thought you could trust turn out to be the ones you should have feared in the first place?
I thought this would be easy, but it turns out that it may end up getting me killed, and possibly the two men who I’m supposed to pick between.

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Cover Reveal: Kismet by Sienna Grant



TITLE: Kismet (Soulmates 3)
AUTHOR: Sienna Grant
COVER DESIGNER: Maria Lazarou @Obssessed by books design
Release Date: 30th October

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Most people I knew had their whole lives planned out from a young age. In some ways, I did too.
I was career minded, wanting to follow in my father’s footsteps, but there was something unorthodox about me. Being a twin and having three brothers, I knew I was the odd one out. I always shrunk back and let them take over…
While they were eyeing up girls, I had my head stuck in a book.
I was always different, the complex one, I thought that was all it was.

Sometimes life doesn’t take the path you planned and you have to take life as it comes; the good, the bad and the complicated. When I met him, it was like my world aligned. I suddenly understood why I never fit the mold.
On the path to self discovery, I found my kismet; my destiny.
Who was I to question fate?

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Pre-order: More Than A Knight by Mayra Statham


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More than a Knight will be here September 27th!🎃


Logan Knight has fallen hard for a woman he shouldn’t touch, his new assistant. Aubrey Rey is feisty, smart and beautiful. Not a man who enjoys waiting, he sees the perfect opportunity to make his move.

Aubrey can’t seem to take her eyes off her sexy new boss. She knows better. If anything, life has taught her men with power cannot be trusted.

When lines are crossed, a passion is ignited neither of them can control. Will they have what it takes to make what they shared more than a Knight?

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Surprise Cover Reveal: Meet Cute by Helena Hunting

Meet Cute, an all-new sexy standalone from New York Times bestselling author Helena Hunting is coming April 9th, 2019 and we have the adorable new cover!

MeetCute Final Cover.jpg


The New York Times bestselling author of Pucked and The Good Luck Charm delivers a Hollywood happily-ever-after where a famous heartthrob falls for his ultimate fangirl in this sexy standalone romantic comedy.

Talk about an embarrassing introduction. On her first day of law school, Kailyn ran – quite literally – into the actor she crushed on as a teenager, ending with him sprawled on top of her. Mortified to discover the Daxton Hughes was also a student in her class, her embarrassment over their meet-cute quickly turned into a friendship she never expected. Of course, she never saw his betrayal coming either…

Now, eight years later, Dax is in her office asking for legal advice. Despite her anger, Kailyn can’t help feeling sorry for the devastated man who just became sole guardian to his thirteen-year-old sister. But when her boss gets wind of Kailyn’s new celebrity client, there’s even more at stake than Dax’s custody issues: if she gets Dax to work at their firm, she’ll be promoted to partner.

The more time Kailyn spends with Dax and his sister, the more she starts to feel like a family, and the more she realizes the chemistry they had all those years ago is as fresh as ever. But will they be able to forgive the mistakes of the past, or will one betrayal lead to another?


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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of PUCKED, Helena Hunting lives on the outskirts of Toronto with her incredibly tolerant family and two moderately intolerant cats. She’s writes contemporary romance ranging from new adult angst to romantic sports comedy.


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Cover Reveal: Discreet by Nicole French



Title: Discreet
Series: The Discreet Duet #1

Author: Nicole French

Publisher: Raglan Publishing

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover Design: Raglan Publishing

Photo: Eric McKinney, 6:12 Photography

Models: Roddy Hanson & Jenna Dallender

Release Date: October 4, 2018




Fitz Baker was the world’s biggest sex symbol. Until he
Fed up with the trappings of fame, he traded his world of
Hollywood for a quiet life on Newman Lake. He was perfectly happy living as an
island. Until he met her.  
Returning home with nothing but a failed music career, all
Maggie Sharp wants is to rebuild her life. A life that doesn’t involve the
surly, arrogant stranger now living across the lake.
Still, there’s something about Will…Something familiar.
Something Maggie can’t quite put her finger on…
She only wanted the spotlight.
He gave up his life to escape it.
The real question is if they can remain discreet.



Title: Indiscreet
Series: The Discreet Duet #2

Author: Nicole French

Publisher: Raglan Publishing

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Raglan Publishing

Photo: Eric McKinney, 6:12 Photography

Models: Roddy Hanson & Jenna Dallender

Release Date: October 25, 2018




Sexiest man alive.
Playboy movie star.
Reckless actor.
Will Baker, better known as “Fitz,” is back, and the world
has questions.
Where did he go?
Why is he back?
Who is Maggie Sharp, the girl who found him?
As Will and Maggie flee her family’s troubles, they return
to a world most only dream of, where privacy belongs to the highest bidders,
and loving Will might cost Maggie everything she has.
Secrets mean betrayal, and Will’s are bigger than most.
As he returns to a life of wealth and excess, will he fall
back into his old vices too? Or is loving Maggie Sharp the one thing that will
save him?




Author Bio
Nicole French is an East Coast/West Coast hybrid creature,
Springsteen fanatic, hopeless romantic, and total bookworm. When not writing
fiction or teaching writing classes, she is hanging out with her family,
playing soccer with the rest of the thirty-plus crowd in Seattle, or going on
dates with her husband. In her spare time, she likes to go running with her
dog, Greta, or practice the piano, but never seems to do either one of these
things as much as she should.


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Katie buried her husband and made peace with never finding a love that strong again. But when smooth talking cowboy Logan asks her to dance, fireworks explode…

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A wild ride of sex, love, and tequila that shows there is more to love than boy meets girl. Sometimes you have to get a little creative to find your happily ever after.