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Have you met your latest book boyfriend?
Tangled Web by Lizzie James is free from 23rd-25th September

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In the cutthroat world of London business, two families rule. The Walker Family and the Johnson Family. Their business dealings with each other are not just competitive, they border on all out war. When Chloe, the baby of the Johnson family, returns to London from Paris, she’s thrust into the middle of the long running family business feud. Chloe’s attraction to the suave Nathan Walker is absolutely forbidden by both families but their chemistry has other ideas. Nathan Walker craves Chloe just as much, and what Nathan wants, Nathan gets at any cost. Can their relationship survive the manipulations and machinations of not one, but both families or is it doomed to fail from the start. Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!”
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Ever wondered what happens to Lizzie O’ Malley in Unsettled? Or what hard core rocker Jules’ story is in Plastic Confidence? Are you more interested in the twisted lifestyle of Luca in Both of Her?
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Hearts In The Sand (JACT 2) by Jennifer L. Allen is #FREE!!! Grab your copy today!!! @AuthorJenniferA @readreviewrpt

A #SummerLove that goes the distance.

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Escape Down Under is Free

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Looking for your next hot read??

The #hot, #demanding, Aussie Alpha Max Wild is waiting for you…

Escape Down Under (Down Under #1) by @Steph M Phillips

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⭐️ Escape Down Under ⭐️

For Jess Townsend, life is about to get complicated.
Following on from her split with Josh two months ago, Jess has thrown herself into her work full throttle, making sure that the one good thing in her life remains the same.
Suddenly she is called into an important meeting at work. Absolutely petrified that she is about to lose her job, she does the only thing she knows how. Panic on the inside and walk through it with her head held high on the outside.

Jess soon discovers she is being offered a once in a lifetime opportunity, but will she take it?

After dealing with an ex who can’t let go and a broody mysterious Adonis who won’t accept no for an answer, maybe the opportunity of an escape has arrived at the perfect time.

What does fate have in store and what obstacles will be thrown her way?