Reviews For the BlackPath MC Series

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Never Forever & Catching Forever

I forfeited a night of sleep to finish the first book so I could get to the second one when I got up. Where one book ends the next begins. Stays on point does not veer off so that you don’t know what is happening. Almost cried when I got to the end because I have to wait for the next one to be finish.  Loved all 3 books!  ~Chanika Taylor

Holding Out for Forever

WOW! This book has just enough underhanded side deals and surprises that draw you in. Knowing who’s next in the series I am ready. I wish in between there are novellas on some of the characters that don’t play a major part in the story line but how they tie into what’s going on.  This is a great series. ~Chanika Taylor


Review~ Heart (Part 1)London: Affairs of the Heart Series (Rock Star Romance)


✩✩✩✩✩ Stars

Hurricane readers book review gave me the book for my honest review. I absolutely loved this book. It took me by surprise in some parts but it was well worth it. I was born in the 80’s and still love the music. I love that Kew has the same taste in music as me. Makes it so much easier to read. I can’t wait to read book 2 to see what’s gonna happen.

Reviewed by Paula Genereau

★★★★★ Star Advanced Review of Tucker

Tucker Stone- Cree Nations

This book is available for preorder through Amazon!

★★★★★ Stars for Tucker by Cree Nations

This is Cree Nations second novel. I have to tell you I dislike Tucker immensely at first. But by the end of the book I was totally in love with him. I shed a couple of Tears. There were so many twists and turns in this book. When you think you have something figured out then BOOM you don’t. I received a complimentary copy for an honest review.

Review by Lynn Underwood for Romance Lovers Book Blog

A Nun Walks into a Bar | Tracey Jane Jackson

So, I was a little apprehensive about this book. I will admit I totally was judging a book by the title and the cover. *Bad reader* Page one I was still a little worried that this book would be too “tame” for my tastes. I am SO GLAD I did not stop reading. I was SO WRONG! By chapter two I was giggling at the crazy stuff Sadie said, and in love Ryder. He just did it for me! I am a sucker for Alpha males.
The plot of the book was great, fast paced and kept my interest. I loved all the characters, they were all well thought out and developed. This book runs the gamut, we get an ex-nun, FBI, a MC and a heap of drama.
There was a few times I wanted to shake Sadie when she would throw a tantrum during drama making an already over protective Ryder even more stressed out, but she more then made up for it when she would turn on her sweet and comfort him and soothe him.

I wanted to add, as a book lover I am not to picky about the genres I read I run the spectrum from YA to erotica. This book touched me in a way that a book hasn’t done in a long time. A book that I want to have my teenage daughter read. Even though Sadie is no longer a nun she never changed who she was. She never cursed or went crazy breaking free from the bonds of the church and slept around or acted out of her moral convictions. I loved that. (I never like to write a spoiler in my review, I hate that is a small spoiler.) I loved that she did not believe in pre-marital sex and did not change that belief even after she fell in love with Ryder. Even though they were physically attracted to each other she held on to that belief and he loved her enough not to push.

XO- Heather

Scattered Ashes | Annie Anderson

Scattered Ashes | Annie Anderson

I have to start out this review by saying; I have never been a huge paranormal fan. I started this book not knowing what to expect or even if I could get pulled into a story that features, Phoenix and Wraiths as the main characters. The Glossary of terms in the beginning of the book had me worried I would not be able to follow along being a paranormal novice. I was WRONG. Yup, I said it I was wrong. I was not only pulled into this story that starts in the year 1855 I was total engulfed by their abilities.

This is a book about good versus evil; a love that was bound 160 years ago, a love that was so strong that even the hate, death, and vengeance could not break. A complicated and intricate story that goes back, fourteen hundred years. A story that Annie Anderson masterfully weaves together, and brings us to modern times.

Once upon a time our heroine, Aurelia was married to a man named Lucien, they were happy and in love. Iva in all of her evil ways casts a spell that destroys that love and happiness. In its place Iva forms another path for Aurelia one that includes hating the man she will forever be bound to, Rhys.

This is the final showdown, the final battle between Iva the Primary of the Legion and Aurelia.

This book as a fantastic cast of characters, unlikely friendships and a kick a$$ heroine. I loved Aurelia! She was a perfect mixture of bada$$ and soft and tortured. Rhys was her perfect match.

The banter in this book is great, witty and funny when it calls for it yet when the battles begin the dialogue transforms into serious.

I try my hardest never to spoil the story or give away too much. What is the fun in reading when you already know the ending, or the important parts? I do however have to share this one quote. My favorite quote of the book:

Aurelia is speaking to Rhys, “If I forgive you, I’ll have to take the burden of all the guilt I’ve piled on your shoulders. And I can’t bear the weight. I have to blame you because if I don’t, I have to start blaming me.”

Holy moly how is that for honesty? In my mind’s eye I can picture the scene, Aurelia conflicted, and tortured. Great writing!

Just to add- there is an excerpt in the back for book two, I will be reading that as well.

XO- Heather

The Want Ad | Penelope Marshall

41a-FV2zYBL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_The Want Ad is one of those feel good books that leaves a smile on your face days after you turn the last page. We get a truly romantic book with a side of, sassy humor and unspoken love thrown in.

Ben and Necie have been roommates since, Necie was a college freshman, and Ben was in medical school. Over the course of ten years their friendship has grown, and some strong feelings have emerged. We meet Ben and Necie ten years into their friendship, just as the flirtation and attraction is at a boiling point. And boy oh boy does it boil over! I wish I did not have such a hatred for spoilers, I would love to set this story up further for you, alas I cannot without giving up the goods.  I will give you this; Necie’s BFF owns a high end thrift store, the banter between them in downright hilarious. Renae is the friend we all need! You know, the friend that will tell you that the jeans you’re in just are not workin’ on your behind. That’s Renae, she is the, ‘tell it like it is’ spicy friend. Okay, for those of you that are still reading I will reward you – Ben is over the moon in love with Necie. It is a sweet love, a pure love, sure he is attracted to her beauty but his love is deep and emotional. Ben’s love for her is selfless and timeless it will touch the romantic in you. You cannot help but fall for him.

Our heroine Necie is a feisty and fun, yet she still has a truckload of insecurities left over from her hellacious high school years. Funny thing is, none of those insecurities are present when she is with Ben. Ben, what can I say about our hero Ben? He is a handsome, successful rich doctor yet he continues to live in a crappy apartment with a roommate he no longer needs. Why? You ask yourself- That is easy, LOVE.  *SIGH* I will leave you with one of my many favorite quotes, Ben to Necie –  “You can keep this, to remember the good times. I don’t need it because I’ll never forget.”

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