New Release: Ready For Him


READY FOR HIM: A Single Dad Next Door Romance
“You were waiting for me, my little playmate?”
Grant Sherwood.
Once upon a time, that name meant a lot to me. He was my first ever crush. The teenager I blushed and giggled in front of when I was in kindergarten, even though he was ten years my senior. Back then, he played with me in front of high school girls to get their attention. Now he looks totally different. He isn’t the teenage string bean he once was.
This man has an eight pack.
Startling black eyes.
A deep V leading down into his swim trunks.
And he wants to go swimming in the deep end with me.
He offered to help me clean my dad’s inground pool in exchange for a free pass to use it any time he wants.
Will he remember who I am? And if he does, will he ever see me as more than the cute little girl with pigtails who lived next door?

NOTE: This short, steamy summer romance is sure to melt your heart…and your popsicle. It is a standalone, no cheating, no cliffhanger novella. Please enjoy in a cool environment so you don’t get overheated! *wink*

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