Playing Her Game Sneak Peek

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Playing Her Game

Play begins October 24th! PREORDER NOW!

Sneak peek of this Erotic Suspense:





Fall, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

          “You’re mine!” Steph excitedly declared as she started frantically down the busy Rue Saint-Jean Street, one of Quebec City’s most famous shopping areas. Narrowly missing hitting a line of tourists, Steph failed to notice the old world charm of the district or the curious looks that she was getting from its patrons. She knew that she looked like a crazy woman, but for the sake of taking over this Pokémon territory for the Team Mystic, she would happily act silly. Her only problem now was finding the ‘gym’ where she could battle the Team Valor’s Mew Pokémon to take control of the area.

          “Gotcha cornered!” she all but shouted as she managed to find the elusive gym. She began swiping her screen again, trying to help her Arcanine to overtake Team Valor’s Mew.

          Frantically swiping away, the rest of the world faded away as it was just her and the battling Pokémon.

          “Miss? Are you okay?” a sexy accented voice broke her concentration.

          “Dear Lord! I must be getting too little sleep due to this game and The Celestial Prophesy. I’m now hearing Antonio Banderas!” she murmured to herself.

          She heard a clearing of a throat next to her, which made her turn her head. As her eyes traveled slowly up his chino covered legs, leather jacket covered chest, and up to a face that looked like one that she had seen on a cologne ad in the airport. His dark hair had highlights in it and was neatly styled. He had black stubble along his firm jaw that only added to his slightly piratical look. But it was his eyes, which made her gasp- they were an unusual dark obsidian that made her feel as if they were staring straight into her soul.

          “Miss?” he asked again, arching a black winged brow.

          She shivered at his intensity and instantly stood up. The branches that clung to her jeans were forgotten as she hurried to her feet, shoving her phone into her back jean pocket. Steph felt funny, like her brain was overloaded by his hotness. She tried to say something, but it was as if her mouth was filled with marbles.

          “Can I help you out of the planter?” he held his hand out to her and dipped his chin to indicate the planter.

          Dazed by his beauty, Steph looked down to see that she was indeed standing in a planter in the middle of the park in front of Quebec City’s grand church. I am so embarrassed! I hope he didn’t hear that Antonio Banderas comment. Should I mention it? No! I’ll let it go if he does!

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On game not on joystick


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