Just A Man & Just A Woman Re-release

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The Porter Trilogy
Just A Man & Just A Woman
By: Shannon Youngblood
Romantic Suspense

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Just A Man (The Porter Trilogy, Book 1)


For Charlotte Ann-Marie Hightower, living with her best friend, applying for a Personal Assistant job at Alex Porter Industries and enjoying all that Southern California had to offer was enough to scab over the tragic truth of her past. Little did she know that Alex Porter, a sexy billionaire entrepreneur, would turn everything on its axis.

Alex comes with his own past of tragic regret that often causes his desire for complete control in all areas of his life. However, with one look from the fiery haired daydreamer, everything changed for him too.

Now Charlotte finds herself facing the deepest darkest aspects of the past while Alex refuses to do the same. The question becomes, can they save each other from a past that quickly becomes their present?

**This book contains adult content and should only be read if you’re 18 or older. This book also has triggers, including bondage and rape. Please do NOT read if this is a problem. Thanks**

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Just A Woman (The Porter Trilogy, Book 2)


Charlotte’s history, and Alex’s inability to speak the truth, fractured an already unstable relationship and sent Charlotte running in the opposite direction. However, a connection like theirs, one that is so palpable, cannot easily be broken.

Alex is determined to right the wrongs done to Charlotte. But deep rooted scars from their respective and conjoined pasts have left both of them broken, afraid, and alone.

To win her back, Alex knows he must do what he’s never done before; feel what he’s never allowed himself to feel. Yet, is it even possible for someone like Alex Porter to bring romance into his life? Is Charlotte capable to look past his lies by omission and let him back in? And once she does, can they both get around the never ending hurdles that seem to cross their path without causing their already shaky world, to crumble at their feet?

**This book is intended for readers 18+ and has some triggers, including rape. Please be warned**

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About Shannon Youngblood


Shannon Youngblood is a thirty something, foul mouthed, erotic romance suspense writer, who loves telling a story full of broken pieces, and broken people. There is no subject too graphic or too taboo to grace the pages of her stories. She believe that life is not always Happily Ever After’s and flowers, and sometimes her stories might reflect that. (OH NO, Shannon You CAN’T DO A Non-HEA!!) She lives with her hot ass husband and her adorable two dachshund pups. She loves hearing from her equally foul mouthed fans, so hit her up on her social media sites!

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